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Telemedicine For Providers

Telehealth with VMV

  1.  Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction by providing patients with access to on-demand telehealth services for FREE!
  2. Pre-set patient intake forms & customizable features enable you to take control of the platform how YOU want it
  3.  No need to write patient notes; Your chat transcript is HIPAA Compliant, Secure, and readily available to you on demand
  4. Reduce No-Shows with our automatic appointment reminders that get sent to your patients’ emails and push notifications that are sent right onto their screen!
  5. Enable flexibility by seamlessly channeling the power of virtual medical visits (VMV) – we set this up for you at no cost, no headache!
  6. Increase revenue opportunities by 35% by accessing telemedicine insurance coverage for virtual visits!
  7. Reduce expenses and time on kiosks, in-person intakes, and payments.

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VMV is for a network of U.S. board-certified Physicians in all specialties licensed to practice medicine in the U.S. and medical facilities and clinics. Our Medical Experts services are provided by our global network of world-renowned specialists who advise on complex conditions, treatment plans, and surgeries. All of our physicians consult, diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications (if necessary) for common, non-emergency health issues by phone or video. The facilities and provider’s offices can login on the desktop to get set up and provide care using their cell phones or laptops/desktops/ipads.

No costs for the patients. The costs for each medical facility and provider are based on their contract with VMV.

Most insurers including Medicare cover virtual visits with usual copays and deductibles. 

In order to appropriately bill for synchronous telehealth services, practitioners should submit the appropriate Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) or CPT code along with the telemedicine Place of Service code 02. The Place of Service 02 indicates the location in which the services took place.

If located in Hawaii or Alaska, practitioners should use the appropriate CPT or HCPCS code for the professional service in addition to the GQ modifier. The GQ indicates that the service was provided “via an asynchronous telecommunications system

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Steps to Set Up Your Office

  1. Complete and send a request from the medical office sign up page on the VMV Website. You can also call (713)-853-9462, or email admin@vmvapp.com. You will get contracts in the email to sign and email back. The first 15 days are completely free. Offices with more than 2 providers are eligible for a group discount by contacting us. Skilled facilities are eligible for group discounts. (Please use Google Chrome for best experience)

  2. Log in using the credentials you have created.
  3. Users – fill your profile as an Administrator.
  4. Add new users: Providers, mid-levels, nurses, office staff, managers, or directors.
  5. Patient Forms: Forms including PHQ9, medical history forms, and consent forms are already uploaded on your portal for quick access and use. Your patients can fill all forms on their smart phones and you will see the forms in that patient’s account once you click on the patient’s name in the appointment slot that the patient has chosen.
  6. Create/upload new forms, or if you already have forms in electronic format, you can upload them yourselves.
  7. Set availability for your office and providers on “Add availability.”
  8. You can choose to collect payments from the patients on the phone using your own pre-existing office credit card terminal, or you can attach your own electronic payment terminal to your office portal by emailing admin@vmvapp.com.

  9. The VMV App can be downloaded on iPads or smart phones and can be used as a patient sign in from your waiting room, eliminating the need for a kiosk check in, saving your costs further by eliminating the need for a kiosk.
  10. Skilled facilities, in-patient, and rehab facilities will need their patients to have an email and password setup by the family or facility, for use with the platform.
  11. Please see the “3 Easy Steps to Sign Up” section on the for patients page to instruct patients on how to easily use the VMV Telemedicine platform.

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